How different and smart yoopya Mail is?

We think and believe that an email address should not simply be used to send and receive messages, but much more.

Yoopya Mail

Yoopya Mail

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This is why Yoopya have dared to propose a new design and orientation of webmailing which aims to be original, and innovative.

Our vision is making an email address a tool to share the best of users.

For more understanding, Let us consider together the example below: 

  1. Let’s imagine our user is a LAWYER (his job).  
  2. He’s named: John Smith  


The Current situation:

Our User have an email address like this:

Now let’s see the possibility offers by Yoopya Mail.

 With Yoopya Mail:

Our user get en email address like this:

Now Let’s make a diagnostic of  both Email addresses :

  1. The first email address allows you to simply show who you are: John Smith  
  2. The second email address not only allows you to show who you are, but also what you do and able to be helpful to all if needed. @LAWYER


An Email address like Business card:

Where the message behind your email address to people is:

Hey all, my name is John Smith and I’m a lawyer. I’m ready to help if needed.

This is what Yoopya Mail gives to all of you for free!


An intelligent Email address for intelligent people like you!

More than 200 domains are ready to be choosen by you.


It’s time for you to be different: Get today your SMART and FREE Email address.


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