Yoopya Mail

Create your Free email account with yoopya and get new emailing experience.


Our servers operate at full redundancy. All data is backed up daily.Your data is secure. Our state-of-the-art servers are protected by biometric locks and round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitoring. Nobody has access to your data.


Yoopya Mail is web-based. You can check your email from any computer connected to the internet. Simply go to Yoopya.com. That means you don’t have to synchronise anything. Yoopya Mail is better than traditional email software that sits on your desktop. Using Yoopya Mail when you work at home, you can see the exact same setup that you have at work. You don’t have anything to backup or manage and there is no need to organize your folders twice. Business email hosting enables you to avoid the cost of installing and maintaining complex hardware and software while at the same time getting reliable, secure access to your business email from anywhere you have internet access.

Best Features Overview

24/7 Web based access

Simply go to Yoopya.com and access your email from any computer connected to the internet

Zero Spam, no viruses

Don’t waste time with junk mail and unwanted messages. Yoopya Mail blocks spam before it gets to your inbox

Folders & subfolders

Create folders and subfolders to organise your mail the way you want

View conversations

Conversation view option is available for every communication you have

Powerful search

Powerful search with multiple options to find the exact message you want.

Easy administration

Simple and easy administration screens for creating and editing users in seconds.

Mail forwarding

With Mail forwarding, you can automatically forward your email to another email account.

Lots of space

10GB mailboxes  hold a huge amount of email and most propably you will never run out of space.

Out of office replies

Set automatic response to all of the people who send you messages.

Large attachments

Share larger attachments like photos, presentations, and other large files up to 20MB


With this service you are able to send sms from your email account.

Sms alerte

An sms is sending to your cell phone once a new email is reached in your email box.








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